Schedule & Results, U9-U10 House League Play-Offs, 2018 Outdoor (Kitchener Soccer Club)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Monday, July 23, 2018
U9 B15:45 PMM1 Kitchener Corvette2-1Kitchener Viper
U10 B15:45 PMMN1 Kitchener Neptune3-2Kitchener Mars
U9 B25:45 PMM2 Kitchener Ferrari5-2Kitchener Porsche
U10 B25:45 PMMN2 Kitchener Earth3-4Kitchener Mercury
U9 BPractice 5:45 PMM4 Kitchener JaguarKitchener Lamborghini
U10 BPractice 5:45 PMMN3 Kitchener VenusKitchener Jupiter
U9 BPractice 7:15 PMM2 Kitchener Bugatti Kitchener Mustang
U9 BPractice 7:15 PMM4 Kitchener CamaroKitchener Charger
U10 BPractice 7:15 PMMN2 Kitchener CometsKitchener Saturn
U10 BPractice 7:15 PMMN3 Kitchener StarsKitchener Moons
Tuesday, July 24, 2018
U9 GPractice 5:45 PMM1 Kitchener Skor0-0Kitchener Gummy Bears
U9 GPractice 5:45 PMM2 Kitchener Skittles0-0Kitchener M&Ms
U9 GPractice 5:45 PMM4 Kitchener SmartiesKitchener Lemonheads
Wednesday, July 25, 2018
U9 B35:45 PMM1 Kitchener Jaguar2-3Kitchener Lamborghini
U10 B35:45 PMMN1 Kitchener Jupiter2-6Kitchener Venus
U10 B45:45 PMMN2 Kitchener Moons4-7Kitchener Stars
U9 B55:45 PMM2 Kitchener Corvette3-4Kitchener Charger
U10 B55:45 PMMN3 Kitchener Neptune0-4Kitchener Saturn
U9 B65:45 PMM4 Kitchener Ferrari0-4Kitchener Camaro
U9 B47:15 PMM1 Kitchener Bugatti 1-3Kitchener Mustang
U10 B67:15 PMMN3 Kitchener Mercury 2-3Kitchener Comets
U9 BC17:15 PMM2 Kitchener Porsche7-6Kitchener Viper
U10 BC17:15 PMMN2 Kitchener Earth4-1Kitchener Mars
Thursday, July 26, 2018
U9 G15:45 PMM1 Kitchener Skor4-3Kitchener Gummy Bears
U9 G25:45 PMM2 Kitchener Skittles1-3Kitchener M&Ms
U9 GPractice 5:45 PMM4 Kitchener SmartiesKitchener Lemonheads
U10 GPractice 5:45 PMMN1 Kitchener Coca ColaKitchener Crush
U10 GPractice 5:45 PMMN2 Kitchener Mountain DewKitchener 7 Up
Monday, July 30, 2018
U9 B75:45 PMM1 Kitchener Charger1-2Kitchener Lamborghini
U10 B75:45 PMMN1 Kitchener Saturn5-3Kitchener Venus
U9 B85:45 PMM4 Kitchener Mustang1-3Kitchener Camaro
U10 B85:45 PMMN2 Kitchener Stars6-3Kitchener Comets
U10 BC25:45 PMMN3 Kitchener Neptune1-3Kitchener Earth
U9 BC27:15 PMM1 Kitchener Corvette3-5Kitchener Porsche
U9 BC37:15 PMM2 Kitchener Ferrari5-2Kitchener Viper
U10 BC37:15 PMMN3 Kitchener Mercury 3-2Kitchener Mars
U9 BC47:15 PMM4 Kitchener Bugatti 3-4Kitchener Jaguar
U10 BC47:15 PMMN2 Kitchener Moons2-5Kitchener Jupiter
Tuesday, July 31, 2018
U9 G35:45 PMM2 Kitchener M&Ms4-2Kitchener Smarties
U10 G17:15 PMMN1 Kitchener Coca Cola0-2Kitchener Crush
U10 G2 7:15 PMMN2 Kitchener Mountain Dew4-3Kitchener 7 Up
U9 GC17:15 PMM1 Kitchener Skittles2-5Kitchener Gummy Bears
Wednesday, August 1, 2018
U10 B95:45 PMMN1 Kitchener Stars1-2Kitchener Saturn
U9 BC55:45 PMM1 Kitchener Jaguar5-7Kitchener Porsche
U9 BC65:45 PMM2 Kitchener Ferrari5-4Kitchener Bugatti 
U10 BC65:45 PMMN2 Kitchener Mercury 2-3Kitchener Moons
U9 BC75:45 PMM4 Kitchener Corvette3-7Kitchener Viper
U10 BC75:45 PMMN3 Kitchener Neptune7-1Kitchener Mars
U9 B97:15 PMM2 Kitchener Lamborghini3-4Kitchener Camaro
U10 BC57:15 PMMN1 Kitchener Jupiter5-4Kitchener Earth
U10 BC77:15 PMMN3 Kitchener Comets5-3Kitchener Venus
U9 BC87:15 PMM1 Kitchener Charger6-4Kitchener Mustang
Thursday, August 2, 2018
U9 G45:45 PMM2 Kitchener Skor1-0Kitchener Lemonheads
U9 GC35:45 PMM1 Kitchener Gummy Bears1-2Kitchener Smarties
U10 G37:15 PMMN1 Kitchener Mountain Dew1-3Kitchener Crush
U9 G57:15 PMM2 Kitchener Skor0-1Kitchener M&Ms
U10 GC17:15 PMMN2 Kitchener 7 Up1-1Kitchener Coca Cola
U9 GC27:15 PMM1 Kitchener Lemonheads2-3Kitchener Skittles
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